How can I get trained?



MIT freshmen makers can acquire makerlodge training credentials, via the steps outline below.  Once you pass your Tier 1 training, you'll get your $100 in makerbucks


Tier 0 is general shop safety

Complete this by reading this page, and passing the quiz hereOnce you pass the saftey quiz you'll get an email with a sign up for tier 1 training.

Tier 1 is basic maker tech (two 2 hour sessions)

Covers hand tools, laser cutters and 3D printers. Tier 1 training occurs in two 2-hour sessions.   You must complete Session 1 before Session 2.   You'll make an edge lit sign (led's light it up from below), like the one to the right.

Tier 1 Check off

After completing both Tier 1 training sessions, you'll sign up for a brief check-off of your new skills, and
 - Get $100 in makerbucks
 - Get a new toolbox and tool set (if you qualify)



Tier 2 training is now available! If you have been checked off for Tier 1, you can sign up here. Tier 2 will cover more advanced machines and more specific areas of making, and will be split into a multitude of different tracks to accommodate different interests. Tracks include:

Students will be able to sign up for training in as many or as few tier 2 tracks as they would like. Tier 2 training is not required to be allowed in MakerLodge or our other participating shops, but only students who have completed the training for a specific tier 2 machine will be allowed to use it in MakerLodge.