How can I get trained?

Class of 2022 begin your MakerLodge Training Today!

Members of the Class of 2022 can acquire general maker knowledge, skills and more, via the steps outline below.  Once you pass your Tier 1 training checkoff, you'll get Mobius credentials, access to a dozen makerspaces on campus, the ability to take Tier 2 trainings, and a toolbox complete with hand tools, an Arduino Nano, a t-shirt and $50 in Makerbucks. 

You start the training process in Atlas by joining the MakerLodge Maker Technology Group and passing the Safety Quiz. There are four sections to the training listed below. 

  • Safety Quiz
  • Hands-on Training Part A
  • Hands-on Training Part B
  • Proficiency Checkoff

​Hands-on training will begin in the 4th week of September.  We will email the training group to let you know that you can signup for trainings.  Get started now by passing the safety quiz.

Note: If you don’t show up to your training session you will NOT be able to sign up for another session without a reasonable explanation or note from S^3. If you cancel the day of your training session more than once, you will also NOT be able to signup for another training session. Please contact if you have questions about this policy.

Tier 0 - General Shop Safety

You will be required to read up on shop safety and complete a quiz through the Atlas system. Once you pass this quiz, you can sign up for Tier 1 machine training.

Tier 1 - Basic Shop Tools

Covers hand tools, laser cutters, 3D printers, bandsaws, and drill presses. Tier 1 training occurs in two 2-hour sessions, Part A and Part B.  You must complete Part A before Part B.  You'll make a personalized pencil holder, complete with moving gears and a hidden compartment.

Tier 1 Checkoffs

After completing both Tier 1 training sessions, you'll sign up for a brief check-off of your new skills, and receive

  •  Credentials on Mobius to show other shops that you've been trained 
  •  $50 in Makerbucks 
  •  Toolbox complete with tool set
  •  Arduino Nano
  • I survived MakerLodge t-shirt

Tier 2 - Advanced Shop Tools 

Tier 2 trainings will resume this November, so stay tuned! If you have passed your Tier 1 checkoff,you have the chance to learn more advanced making skills. Tier 2 is split into a multitude of different tracks (listed below) to accommodate different interests. You can sign up for as many of the following tracks as you like.

Offered tracks will include:

  • Glassworking
  • Advanced Bandsaw and Drill Press Skills
  • Electronics Skills (Soldering and Circuits)
  • Arduino Microcontrollers 
  • Sewing
  • Othermill CNC Mills
  • Shopbot CNC Router
  • CAD/CAM Skills