Informational Resources

Yay! You’ve finished training, and now have access to machine shops! There’s just one snag: you have absolutely no idea of where to start.

In hopes of making this a little less daunting, we’ve put together some broad guidelines; you don’t have to follow these at all, but if you’re struggling maybe you’ll find them helpful.

First step is probably to choose a project; maybe you’ve been wanting a larger desk in your room for a while, or need holiday presents for your friends & family -- why not try to make it yourself? Or start small, and just 3D print some quick trinkets for your friends (check out thingiverse, or grabCAD for a huuuuge repository of 3D printing projects), or laser cut Christmas cards this year. If you’re out of ideas, try heading on over to Instructables to find something you like.

If you’re designing your own project and aren’t sure where to start, check out our design tips page.

Once you have your project, you’ll probably want to procure materials -- head on over to our buying guide for our recommendations for online shops, our favorite shops in the area and where you can spend your makerbucks.

And now you’re finally ready to start actually machining! :) Check out the page of lodges to figure out where you should go.

If your project doesn’t work out the first time, don’t worry! Everyone has to start somewhere, and just remembering, learning things is just as valuable as a finished final product, and I promise you’re going to get better.

Good luck!


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These pages are still a bit of a work in progress, and we're putting them up as we go, so just FYI, some of the links might not exist yet -- we're working on it, and should hopefully be done by December 15th :)