The field of electronics is broad and complex enough to warrant its own major. However, there a couple manufacturing aspects within electronics that are useful skills for any maker.

Basic Components

There are a handful of building block components in electronics manufacturing. There are two broad categories of devices: passive and active. Passive blocks, or reactive elements, are those that do not require a power source to operate. These include resistors, capacitors, and inductors. The other category is known as active components are the opposite and thus require a separate power source in order for their functionality to be realized. These include operational amplifier, transformers, etc.


Soldering Iron

One of the most dangerous tools in use while working with electronics, is a soldering iron. It is used to create electrical connections and joints between pins and leads of different devices. Temperatures can get up to 800 degrees F in order to melt the solder.

Heat Gun

Another heat source, a heat gun is used to shrink wires insulation to form a seal around the metal conductive connection.


If you didn't finish assembling your speakers during the electronics training and you want to try to finish it on your own, here's the assembly guide! Click me