How do I get access to the MakerLodge so that I can make things?

The primary mission for the MakerLodge during Summer 2017 is to train undergraduate students during regularly scheduled training sessions. Once you get trained, check out the Lodges to learn about some the many places on campus where you can go to make things. 

I’m not in the class of 2020, can I still get access to the space?

Training first-year undergraduate students is the top priority, but we are opening up Tier 1 trainings to all current undergrads during Summer 2017. Our focus in Fall 2017 will be training the class of 2021, so we may not be able to offer trainings to students graduating 2018-2020 after August. 

Help! I can't find the safety quiz!

You'll need to log in with MIT certificates to view it. Once you do, it'll appear in the menu bar.

My friend is trained, but I’m not — can I tag along with them and still make stuff?

No, it would be unsafe for you and for those around you. You have to go through training in order to get access to the space.

Do I have to pay to use the machines?

No, the machines in MakerLodge are free to use. However, this may not be the case in other shops and makerspaces. Many shops charge by weight for 3D prints, for instance.

Do I automatically get access to other shops once I’ve been trained in MakerLodge?

You must contact the shop manager or managers of any facility you want to access and use. We’re working with a number of shops so that the Mobius credentials from completing MakerLodge’s training will make it much easier for you to gain access. Check out the Lodges page for more information about shops that take MakerLodge credentials. And when in doubt, ask a mentor or shop manager!

Is there stock in the MakerLodge or do I have to bring my own?

No, we do not provide or sell stock; we only maintain a stock of parts and materials for our training projects. Information about where you can buy stock and other parts can be found here.

I found a nice piece of material on reuse that would be perfect for my project. Can I bring it in to MakerLodge to machine it to the shape I want?

Some materials can be hazardous and release fumes when they are machined. For this reason, we ask that you are sure of the identity of your material before you machine it.

Once I’m trained, will I get 24/7 access?

Because of security reasons, we can’t give everybody the code to the doors, so only mentors will have 24/7 access to the space. You are, however, encouraged to check out the other shops that recognize MakerLodge training.

How can I become a mentor?

Fill out our application form here!

What if I’m interested in multiple tracks for tier 2 training?

That’s fine! Feel free to get trained in as many tier 2 categories as you want.

I broke a tool, what should I do?

Notify a mentor, and we’ll take care it. Don’t worry about it; these things happen.

I broke a machine, what should I do?

Make sure the machine is off and unplugged, and get a mentor.