Become a Mentor

Applications for Fall 2017 are now closed, please consider applying to join us next semester!

Do you want to learn how -- and teach others-- to use cool things like laser cutters, bandsaws, drill presses, 3D printers, soldering, and more? Then join us as a MakerLodge Mentor! 

MakerLodge aims to spread making & machine shop knowledge on campus by training the majority of the freshemen class in basic machine shop tools. MakerLodge training will be recognized by 11 other shops on campus, making it much easier to get machine shop access.

We'll teach you to use the machines and how to train others, and in turn, you'll train your fellow students learn those skills using our training guides. When our MakerLodge space isn't busy training people, you'll get 24/7 access to work on your own projects. You can also learn about maintaining our machines and some of our more advanced tools.

We're looking for people from all majors who are enthusiastic about making things, willing to teach people and learn, and can commit to spending 4 hours helping us each week.