Computers at MakerLodge are equipped with all the software necessary to use our machines. Ask a mentor if you need help.

The following software is used in the space:

General purpose:

SolidWorks is one of the most commonly used computer-aided design softwares.
It allows you to do detailed solid modeling on your PC. 
Classes, makerspaces, and building teams at MIT use SolidWorks, access to a computer with SolidWorks is very important.
SolidWorks is Windows only, but multiple spaces, including MakerLodge, have computers with SolidWorks.
You can get your copy from IS&T here.


HSMWorks is a computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software that is plugin for SolidWorks.
CAM allows you to machine the parts you design in CAD by generating a toolpath for a computer numerical control (CNC) machine to follow. 
You can get it here. Licensing usually takes 2-3 days to arrive.



Adobe Illustrator - Epilog Laser Cutter, Universal Laser Cutter
Illustrator is a vector graphics editing software.
At MakerLodge, we use Adobe illustrator to print jobs to our lasercutters, as they require a vector graphics software to run. 
Illustrator is also generally useful for complex image editing like making logos. 
MakerLodge PCs have illustrator installed.


Cura - Ultimaker 2+ 3D Printer
Slicing softwares are those that take 3D model files and convert them into toolpaths for use with 3D printers.
Cura is an open source slicing software that works with the Ultimaker 2+ in addition to some other printers.
It will allow you to quickly print a part or finely adjust print settings and export to an SD card.
Download it here.


UP! - UP Mini 3D Printer
UP! is the slicing and printing software used by the UP Mini 3D printers, it allows you to print your 3D model over USB.
Download it here (not UPStudio).


Z-Suite - Zortrax 3D Printer
Z-Suite is the slicing software used by the Zortrax 3D printers.
It allows you to save your print setup (including multiple parts) for later.
A printer serial number is required to install Z-Suite, you can either use a MakerLodge computer or download the software here and ask a mentor.


VCarve Pro - Shopbot CNC Router
VCarve Pro is primarily a computer-aided manufacturing CAM software for generating toolpaths for a CNC router for both 2D and 2.5D routing.
There are also drawing and editing tools inside VCarve.
VCarve requires a serial number, and should be accessed on the MakerLodge computers. 


Shopbot 3 - Shopbot CNC Router
Shopbot 3 is the control software for the Shopbot CNC router, it allows you to control the spindle head of the machine, zero coordinates, and run jobs.
A computer with Shopbot 3 will be connected to the CNC router for use once a job has been prepared in VCarve.


Otherplan Beta  - Othermill
Otherplan Beta is the operating software for the othermill, it allows the user to run toolpaths made in HSMWorks for milling operations.
Having Otherplan installed ensures HSMWorks can post toolpaths as gcode that the Othermill can use. Install it here.


Silhouette Studio - Vinyl Cutter
This is an easy to use software that allows you to import, touch up, and cut images with the vinyl cutter.
The software requires a serial number for use, download it here and ask a mentor.