Meet the Mentors

Jerry Akinsulire
Course 22 & 8 Junior

When he's not working on a nuclear fusor for his UROP, Jerry can often be found chilling in Burton-Conner with his friends. He also participates in Rambax, MIT's Senegalese drumming ensemble.

Julian Chacon-Castano
Course 6-1 Senior

Julian is a cool, collected, and from Colombia. When he's not making interesting things with LEDs, you could probably find him playing guitar. He also mixes and produces his own music.

Andrea Gonzalez
Course 2 Junior

Andrea is from Mexico, and her first language is Spanish. When she's not making impulsive maker projects, you can find her dancing with Dance Troupe, hanging out in Senior House, or adventuring.

Dylan Hendrickson
Course 18 Sophomore

Dylan is fond of dancing in polygon patternssuch is the life of a math majorso he enjoys participating in Tech Squares. He also once ate 15 bananas in one day and is an active member of Epsilon Theta (ET).

Maura Hennessey
Course 2A Senior

Maura loves materials, and is minoring in Course 3 as a result. When she's not working, you can find her working on maker projects, crocheting, drinking tea, and making silly puns.

Justin Herald
Course 2A Junior

A member of the PKS fraternity, Justin enjoys many activities such as playing with robots and annoying Ruben, a fellow mentor.

Marlo Johnson
Course 2 Sophomore

When not psetting, Marlo can often be found baking (in order to procrastinate psetting). She baked a banana cream pie on Pi Day. She is also a member of the Philosophy Club.

Alex Lynch
Course 6 & 9 Sophomore

Alex is a goal keeper for the MIT lacrosse team, and is a member of the DTD fraternity. His favorite color is green and his favorite maker activity is hammering.

Katie Mathison
Course 6-3 Sophomore

Katie is a Random Hall Rush Chair and a part of the Chi Lambda Mu. She is also involved in Live-Action Mafia, Assassins' Guild, and Tech Squares. Her favorite maker activity is building super soakers.

Monica Mladenik
Course 9 Sophomore

Monica is an Associate Advisor, serving as a primary source of academic support for freshmen in MacGregor. She is also a source of medical support as a MedLink.


Alex Mok
Course 2 Junior

Alex is both a DynaMIT mentor as well as a MakerLodge Mentor, and his favorite color is green. He's also involved in the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity, and sometimes his hair is orange.


Ruben Peinado-Estrada
Course 2 Junior

Ruben is always working on some project, usually 2 or 3 at a time, and will stay up late at night working on them. Every now and then, however, he's able to make time to play Smash with Justin.


Elaine Phillips
Course 2 Sophomore

Elaine has two great loves: puns and the color green. She sends punny emails as the publicity chair for mitBEEF and helps run LARPs on the Assassin’s Guild High Council. She also enjoys knitting and being a sister of Chi Lambda Mu.

Juan Romero
Course 2 Junior

Juan once modified a store-bought fire extinguisher to extend its range. When he's not making personal projects, he is involved with the MIT Roboteam and gaming with his friends in Burton Connor.

Lauren TenCate
Course 2-OE Junior

Lauren, also called McFly, is an enthusiastic member of all that she does, including Engineers Without Borders and the Marine Robotics team. She also loves swimming, and primarily does so with the Women's Water Polo team.

Megan Thai
Course 2A Junior

When she's not working at the MakerLodge, you can find Megan dancing with Dance Troupe, playing soccer, or taking pictures. For fun, The rest of the time, you can find her creating paper cutting designs and listening to music in Burton-Conner.

Sahara Villarreal
Course 2 Sophomore

Sahara has a show, "Hip to Be Square," on WMBR, MIT's radio station. When she's not broadcasting over MIT's airwaves, she's usually home at East Campus psetting with friends.


Annie Zhang
Course 2 Sophomore

Named after Anakin Skywalker, Annie is involved in a lot of things at MIT. She is a member of the Women's Openweight Varsity Crew team, the Marketing Director for TechX, the Publicity Chair for the Chinese Students' Club, and a Designer for MIT Martin Trust Center.


Meet the Staff

Martin Culpepper
Maker Czar

Marty Culpepper, a Professor of Mechanical Engineering, is MIT's first Maker Czar. He is passionate about all aspects of making and breaking as demonstrated in his 2.72 class where the student teams spend the semester building desktop lathes. Professor Culpepper is the recipient of an NSF Presidential Early Career Award, two R&D 100 awards, a TR100 award and a Joel and Ruth Spira Teaching Award. He is not one to be afraid of getting his hands dirty.  His favorite maker tools are mills and waterjets, though he's become fond of glass blowing.

Ike Feitler
Course 3 Expatriate

Ike is the Training and Education Specialist on MIT’s Project Manus. He is passionate about knowing what all the things in the world are made of, and how they are made, and sharing that knowledge with other people to help them make new things. At this time, Ike’s favorite tool is a 75 kilowatt coreless induction furnace.




Jonathan Hunt
IT Guru

Jonathan is the Assistant Director and Maker IT Guru on MIT's Project Manus.  He has 20 years of IT leadership experience and is in his happy place when making solar panel jewelry, circuits or anything with his kids.  He earned his Bachelors in Electrical Engineer from MIT and is responsible for managing the IT components including Mobius app development and data collection.  His favorite tool for now is a 3D Printer.



Saana McDaniel
Project Coordinator

Master of the Sewing Machine

Khaleesi of the McMaster-Carr orders

...and Finnish Instructor at that small liberal arts college down the road

Marcel Thomas
Shell with Master's Degree

Marcel is a mentor in MakerWorks, and is part of the MIT Student Juggling Club. He can also wiggle his ears. His favorite maker activity is laser cutting, and his least favorite activity is listening to the mentors play 'Marcel the Shell.'