MakerLodge Community Lodges

After successfully completing their check off test, students have limited access (subject to availability of staff and machines) to the facilites (Maker Lodges) below.  The links below can help you learn more about each ML and understand how you gain access to them.  You can access them  (i) as a general user with your MakerLodge Mobius credentials or (ii) as a member of their specific freshmen Maker Lodge community.  You can access any makerlodge to use them, but can only join one makerlodge as a member.  The only exception is the CNC Makers and Builders club, you can be a member of that and another club.  Once you join as a member of a lodge... you can access it for your full  time at MIT.  If you have any questions, please contact Prof. Culpepper (


Video Tours of MIT Makerspaces