Bandsaws, Drill Presses, and Sanders


Bandsaws are machines that cut wood, plastic, and metal using a band-shaped blade that is spun quickly through the machine. Most of the blade is hidden in the machines, and the stock is cut with just a small exposed portion of the blade. Bandsaws are useful for making quick, somewhat rough straight or curved cuts to be sanded later. They are not suitable for very large material or very intricate cuts. 

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Drill presses are machines that drill holes of various sizes and depths through wood, plastic, or metal. They have different bits and speeds for different types of material and different types of holes. While they can only drill straight up and down into a piece, they are very powerful and accurate and can be a very useful tool when used safely and carefully. 

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Belt and disc sanders are designed for finishing wood. They remove a very small amount of material to create a smooth edge or surface on a piece of wood. They are particularly useful for refining the edges of a project made using a bandsaw, as bandsaws tend to leave a rough edge. 

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