Ultimaker 2+


Important Practices & Procedures:

  • Software: Cura
  • When opening a file, the software will attempt to place the model in the best position, but you can place your part manually using the toolbar on the left.
  • Select "Generate Brim", which makes your piece easier to remove when it's finished.
  • Select "Generate Support Structure". which creates necessary support material for 45˚ or more overhang.
    • Changing angles is part of advanced settings
  • In "View Mode", you can select "Layers" to show a sliced model, displaying what will be printed layer by layer.
  • Configure the print settings to: Ultimaker 2+ Printer, 0.4 mm nozzle, and PLA material.
  • "Profile" will control speed, trading off the quality and density of the print.

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